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$20 challenge Day 3/4

January 5th, 2007 at 10:13 pm

Day Three
Donated plasma on thursday, received $5 more than expected. The bonus amount runs through Jan. So, I'll be adding that $5 each week through Jan. I also found .12 in the camera bag before mailing it out.

Day Four

We are switching our internet service. Ordered the new service online. The special stated $19.99 for six months. A rebate on the modem and a do it yourself installation with no hook-up fee. Call to set up the account and they state I'll have to pay the hook-up fee. I decline- get the run around etc... I decided to call back today and go for it anyway. We would still be saving $60 a month over what we pay currently.
So, I intended to pay the $49.95 fee but it worked out in my favor after all. Adding the $49.95 to the challenge money.

previous: $76.49


I'm not adding the monthly internet savings to the challenge because I need to do this for debt reduction and that's where those funds will go.

2 Responses to “$20 challenge Day 3/4”

  1. ifeel100 Says:

    Here donate blood plamas dont get any $, amyb jst a cup of drinks & some biscuits...Tt's all. Im a regular blood donor & organs donor too Smile

  2. veronak Says:

    I am glad you donate, I donate when ever I see a mobile blood bank; but we do not get paid either

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